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If you work in an office, you probably use Excel. Lessons here show you how to get the most from this awesome application, from the Essentials through to Pivots, Charts, Dashboards, Formulas and loads more

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Course Summary - What's included

Excel Foundations Course
Excel Foundations

Module 1 : Start Up and Interface

In this first Excel module you’ll learn the essentials of navigating Excel; the Excel interface, Quick access Toolbar, Tabs and Ribbons, Formula Bar, Workbooks, Status Bar and how to Save and Close Excel worksheets.

Module 2 : Formatting and Editing Cells

Module 2 shows you everything you need to know about Formatting and Editing Cells. You’ll find lessons on Formatting Font; Alignment of Contents; Merge and Center; Cell Styles; Formatting Numbers; Formatting Currency; Formatting Dates; Formatting Percentages; Clear All Formatting; In Cell Editing; Formula Bar Editing; Cut, Copy and Paste; Format Painter; Find & Select; AutoFill with Text; AutoFill with Numbers; and AutoFill with Dates.

Module 3 : Worksheets

When you use Excel, you’ll be using Worksheets. After this module you’ll know how to Format a Worksheet and be proficient at; Inserting and Editing Cell Contents; Editing Height and Width; Inserting and Deleting; Rows/Columns/Cells; Organise Sheets; Hiding and Unhiding. Then there’s more advanced sheet options like; Copying a Sheet; Grouping Sheets; Freeze panes; Headers and Footers; Custom Views; Arrange All & New Window; and Linking sheets.

Module 4 : Printing

Excel worksheets can contain large numbers of rows and columns, and the day will come when you need to print the data. This short module shows you what you need to know. Lesson cover; Printing Options; Print Preview; Scale to Fit; Editing Margins & Orientation; Print Titles, Gridlines & Headings; and Print One Sheet and Multiple Sheets.


Excel Formulas and Functions Course
Excel Formulas and Functions

Module 5 : Formula

Being able to use Formula it’s what makes Excel such a time-saving application. In this module you’ll find lessons on all the Basic Formula you’ll need; Operators; Sum; Average; Max; Min; Count Functions; Round; and Use of AutoSum.

Module 6 : Defining and Auditing Formula

Once you understand the basic Formula, it’s a small step to Auditing and Referencing them. In this module, find out about; Defining and Auditing Formula; Absolute and Relative Referencing; Name Manager; Formula auditing; Watch Window; and Calculation Options.

Module 7 : Functions

Functions are ready-made Formula that are already in Excel. This module shows you all you need to know about them with lessons covering; Simple IF Statements; Nested IF Statement; IF AND Statement. Also find our how to use Lookup Functions such as; VLookup Same Sheet; VLookup involving 2 Sheets; VLookup involving 2 Workbooks; VLookup with closest match option; HLookup; and Comparing 2 Columns.
The latter lessons cover the other key Functions; Quick Analysis Tool; Countif & Sumif; Sumifs & Countifs; Date Functions; Database Functions; Text Functions; Indirect Function; and 3D References.

Excel Analyzing Data Course
Analyzing Data

Module 8 : Working with Lists

In Excel you’ll more than likely be working with Lists. Here you’ll find out how to; Apply a Sort; Apply a Filter; Flash Fill; and Text to Column. Then progress to more Advanced Formats and Filters such as; Custom Formats; Conditional Formatting; Data Bars & Icons; Custom Lists & Sorts; Advanced Filter; and Filter by Colour.

Module 9 : Data Tools

This module covers; Flash Fill & Strings; Remove Duplicates; Data Validation; Consolidate; Goal seek; Scenarios; Data Table; Forecast Sheet; and Subtotal & Grouping.

Module 10 : Tables

Module 10 shows you all about Tables; Creating a Table; Table options and design; Entering Data; Slicers; Summarising with a PivotTable; Remove Duplicates; and Converting a table to a range.

Excel Charts Course
Excel Charts

Module 11: Inserting Objects

Sometimes in Excel it’s useful to insert objects. This short module explains how by showing you how to insert; Pictures; Text Boxes; Creating a Chart; Basic Editing of a Chart; and Hyperlinks.

Module 12: Sparklines and Charts

This module is split into two related topics, Sparklines and Charts. Find out how to; Insert a Sparkline; Edit a Sparkline; Group and Ungroup Sparklines; Sparkline Axis Options; and Delete a Sparkline. Then learn how to; Insert & Delete a Chart; Move & Resize a Chart; Different Types of Charts; New Chart Types in Excel 2016; Quick Layouts; Add a Chart Element; Chart Styles; and Selecting Multiple Ranges to Chart.

Module 13: Advanced Charts

Once you’re used to working with Charts, it’ll handy to know the more Advanced Chart features, this module talks you through; Showing Filters in a Chart; Format parts of a Chart; Advanced Axis Options; Creating a secondary Axis; Adding a Trendline; Saving the Chart as a Template; Pie and Line Charts; Change Chart type for one series; and Charting with Negative Values.

Excel Reporting & Dashboards Course
Reporting & Dashboards

Module 14: Intro to Pivot Tables

If you use Excel, you need to know Pivot Tables, they make sorting and analysing data easy. This introduction to them shows you; What is a PivotTable; Recommended PivotTables; Creating a PivotTable Manually; Editing the PivotTable Options; Refreshing a PivotTable; Changing the Data Source; Importance of Table Style; Drill down options; Field Settings; and Filters.

Module 15: Advanced Pivot Tables

Because the entire data analysis aspect of Excel is enhanced by Pivot Tables, there’s a module here on more advanced features that you’ll find useful. How to; Insert & Customise Slicers; Insert & Customise a Timeline; The Show Group; Pivot Charts; Filter Connections; Get pivot data; and Design of the PivotTable.

Module 16: Dashboards

Excel Protection & Design Course
Protection & Design

Module 17: Protection and Sharing

Protecting worksheets will help safeguard your design and data. This short but important module explains how to; Protect Sheet; Protect Workbook; Share your Workbook; Track Changes; and Add Comments.

Module 18: Structure & Design

Excel Recording Macros & VBA Course
Macros & VBA

Module 19: Recording Macros

When used correctly, Macros can save you hours by automating simple, repetitive tasks. This module covers Macro Basics such as; Record a Macro; Run a Macro; Assign Macro to an icon; Absolute Vs Relative Macros; and Deleting a Macro. Once you’re up to speed on Macros, the module then covers Developing Macros, this is more advanced and shows you; Where to Save a Macro; Opening the Developer Tab; Running a Macro on other workbooks; Copying a Macro from one workbook to another; Creating your own Macro workbook; Assign Macro to a Control Button; Creating your own Tab and Ribbon; and Macro Security.

Module 20: Intro to VBA & Macro Recorder

Module 21: Forms, Loops and Functions

Module 22: Automation, Security and Language


Excel Top Tips and Tricks
Top Tips

Top time-saving Tips and Tricks that you’ll use every day



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